Dalius, the artist from Vilnius (Lithuania, EU). Born in 1963. Completed academic art course of study. Currently specialises in digital art. Breaking stereotypes, taking advantage of possibilities offered by modern technologies, the author fully submerges himself in spaces of modern art expressions, and this results in memorable, effective works of lasting value.

   What lies between the preserved memory and subjective experience? How do we perceive the surrounding world? How the beauty of nature and architecture could be forced to unfold? How to capture the temporality of changing reality? I try to answer these questions by means which are accessible to and recognizable by me, using vibrant, multi-layered images. These works can be described as symbolization of everyday life, as exploration of physically different experiences and memory in time and space. In creating works, I rely on an imaginary system which is constructed of different elements, exists beyond a visual perception of the world that we are accustomed to – this is subconscious information, and layers of information which are beyond time. My current experiences are like a sequence of effects which come from a distant past, through a slowly moving puantilistic flow of time which is woven of similarities and differences, reasons and consequences. I see my works as the digital impressionism, which, without prejudice to the visual unity of the work, is dominated by indetermination, coincidences, where layer by layer elements disintegrate, intertwine while unexpectedly opening new horizons of interpretations.